Filament Polyester No. 60

The ideal bobbin for domestic machines, Clear-Glide bobbins are wound on a plastic-sided bobbin shell. Because of this, they are not affected by humidity or oils.


Class L
Clear Glide Class L Bobbin

0.820 Max OD 0.3545 Wide

White - 120 Yards
Black / Colors - 115 Yards
Packaged in a box of 10 tubes of 10 bobbins each (100 bobbins total)

Class 15/A
Clear Glide Spec 15/A Bobbin

0.815 Max OD 0.458 Wide

White - 145 Yards
Black / Colors - 135 Yards
Packaged in a box of 10 tubes of 8 bobbins each (80 bobbins total)

What size bobbin fits my machine?

We've put together a comprehensive chart based on the feedback of customers to help determine what bobbin best fits your machine.

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Made in America
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Tabriz Orchid -Tubed

  Style L Clear-Glide

Tabriz Orchid -Tubed

  Class 15/A Clear-Glide
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