Economy Paper-Sided

Economy Paper-Sided

Filament Polyester No. 60

Excellent Quality at a Great Price

  • 100% continuous high-tenacity filament polyester.
  • Comparable in sewing performance to leading paper-sided bobbins, and are moderately-priced.
  • Runs virtually lint-free to minimize tension variation.
  • Readily available in styles L and M-jumbo bobbins for universal appeal.


Class L
Magna-Glide Classic Class L Bobbin

0.820 Max OD 0.356 Wide

White - 123 Yards

Black - 115 Yards

Magna-Glide Classic M/Jumbo Bobbin

0.990 Max OD 0.395 Wide

White - 230 Yards

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  Class L Economy Paper-Sided


  Class L Economy Paper-Sided
2 Product(s) Found