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Fil-Tec / Bobbin Central is proud to offer a wide array of embroidery blanks for your monogramming creativity. We hope you regularly check back to see our newest additions!


A Cubbie is a soft plush animal with removable stuffing pod from it's head and body. You can "stuff the skin" of the Cubbie with whatever you like whether its a pair of pajamas, hot water bottle or simply keep the pod in. Every little Cubbie can be personalized with any name or message. Whether you are a part-time sewer with a single needle machine, or a commercial embroider, you will have no problem personalizing your new Cubbie.

"EB" Embroider Buddies

EB is a plush animal that you can directly embroider on its belly and/or back. It's as easy as unzipping and removing the stuffing pouch, hooping, embroidering, and re-stuffing.

28 Product(s) Found
28 Product(s) Found