Groz-Beckert Needles

134 San 6

These are multi-directional needles and include a titanium nitride finish. The design of the needle reduces thread breakage, helps reduce skipped stitches, and lasts longer than conventional chrome needles. The eye of the needle does protrude as much as others and the tip is smaller which results in smaller holes.

135x17 GEBEDUR

They are coated for higher resistance wear. Longer service life, improved wearing properties, constant and economically efficient needles over an extended period, and reduces machine set-up and downtime.


The original needle for single and multi-head embroidery and especially developed for the use in modern high-performance machines.

134 San 11

These are specifically designed for multi-directional use. “Multi-Directional” design means more accurate stitching while moving the machine in all directions. Titanium coated needles, extra strength, maximum flexibility and bending, deep scarf prevents skipped stitches, less puckering and less thread breaks.

  • RG- Round Point with slightly round tip.
  • FFG- Light ball point designed for knitted fabrics and wovens.
  • MR- Multi-Range/ Multi-Directional.
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20 Product(s) Found