Glitter Mirror Canvas ™ Vinyl


    • Should not be ironed.
    • Machine washable- cold/warm water recommended.
    • Dryer should be set to a low heat setting. You can also hang or lay it flat to dry.
    • It is NOT heat transfer Vinyl.
    • Do NOT use cleaning chemicals such as "Oxy-Clean" or "Shout" as this can cause vinyl to break down.

      • Applications:

      • It is great for use in making hair bows, hairband crowns, wands, hairband sliders, key fobs, bracelets, masks, appliques, pouches, ornaments, phone cases, and belts, just to name a few. you are only limited by your imagination as to where you can use this and what you can do with it.


    • All sheets are free of defects.
    • Lead-Free
    • Hand -soft and pliable.
    • Glitter is covered with a thin layer of PVC and will not flake off (no mess)
    • It is anti-mildew and abrasion resistant
    • Saves production time as you do not need to heat set.
    • Canvas back provides support and reduces or eliminates tearing.
    • Popular 9"x12" sized sheets...half a sheet fits perfectly in a "5x7" hoop, and you can get four per sheet when using a "4x4" hoop.
20 Product(s) Found
20 Product(s) Found