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Perfect Alignment Laser - 60330

Perfect Alignment Laser makes it so easy to hoop square.

PAL makes it so easy to hoop square. Just line up your inner hoop's horizontal and vertical center markings with the illuminated crosshair, firmly holding the inner hoop and insert it into the outer hoop. Now your fabric is square in the hoop. At the sewing machine, the "Perfect Alignment Laser" helps guide the fabric edge for precise seam allowances. Also comes in handy for fabric cutting, scrapbooking, beading, drawing, and more!


  • Makes it very easy to hoop square.
  • Stitch precise seam allowances.
  • Can be used to perfectly align household items such as photos and paintings.
  • Works on dark, light, and even-printed fabrics.

    Illuminates Your Sewing Path

  • Position the beam any distance from the needle.
  • Guide your seam allowance along the lighted path for even, crisp seams.
  • Makes hooping square easy.

    Exact Centering for Embroidery Hoops

  • Works, and is compatible with any hoop.
  • Perfect for continuous embroidery.

    Power Options

  • 3 (AAA) Batteries - This is included with your purchase. (A $3.7S value)
  • USB connection from your sewing machine or computer. (also included with purchase)

    Laser Crosshair Lamp

  • Swivel tip allows for proper aiming of the laser crosshair
  • Goose Neck mobility
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