Craq-Spun® Nomex® No. 40
Mini Spool1000m / 1100yd

Blaze-Guard is most effective when paired with the item below

Flame-resistant Nomex Bobbins

Flame-resistant Nomex Bobbins - No. 40

Magna-Guard bobbins are specifically created with our patented magnetic-core, thus ensuring uniform tension throughout the entire bobbin when used in conjunction with our Blaze-Guard top thread. They are the top bobbin choice for fire safety, aeronautics, motor sports & other applications where safety standards are required.

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  • Constructed from 100% Aramid & made from Nomex™ fibers.
  • Flame & heat-resistant.
  • The ideal thread for aeronautics, fire safety & other areas where safety standards are required.
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Color No. 60399 1000m Mini Spool Blaze-Guard
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