Bobbin Line 90

Bobbin Line 90

Spun Polyester No. 90

Bob in Style

This bobbin yarn is recommended by Brother for their embroidery machine line including the following models, HE 1, PE500, PE700, PE750, PE770, PE780D, PR1000, VE2200+the SB7050 embroidery machine. The #90 Spun Polyester yarn runs cleanly with minimal lint & offers high tensile strength, low elongation & low shrinkage.


Our Bobbin Line is ideal for both your bobbin & top thread needs.

It’s in the Details

The fine size makes it perfect for detailed stitches such as lettering.


It’s smooth, uniform thread surface provides optimum tension control.

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  1110yd Mini Spool Bobbin Line #90


  1110yd Mini Spool Bobbin Line #90
2 Product(s) Found