Hab+Dash is the e-commerce wholesale division of Fil-Tec, Inc. Fil-Tec is the manufacturer of sewing, quilting and embroidery threads, including Glide and Magna-Glide.

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    Badgemaster is a water soluble film similar to Solvy, but significantly heavier. Badgemaster can be hooped by itself and stitched directly. Once finished with stitching into Badgemaster, simply cut away as much excess as possible. Immerse in water and it will dissolve quickly while only leaving the stitching. It is so strong it maintains its integrity even after being stitched repeatedly.


    Lace-making, Cut-work, Heirloom Embroidery, Patches, & Many others.
  • Heavy duty water soluble embroidery film/stabilizer/topping
  • Badgemaster is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, water-soluble film.
  • Versatility- Badgemaster can be stitched on directly - ideal for patches and free - standing lace.
  • Completely dissolvable - leaves no stabilizer residue behind after being washed away.
  • A clear and translucent film that allows for easy positioning.
  • Sturdy - allows for more intricate designs and reduces thread breaks.
  • The prefect stabilizer when stability is required, but when you wish for nothing to remain when finished.