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Solvy™ is a water soluble film used as an embroidery topping designed to create a smooth surface that provides clear and clean embroidery.

The ideal topping to use on terry cloth, knits, fleece, and many textured fabrics. Stitches will not sink into the fabric, resulting in a crisp definition and detail to your work.


  1.  Place Solvy™ on top of framed fabric.
  2.  After the embroidery process is complete, tear-away the larger areas of Solvy™ inside and outside of the design.
  3.  Dissolve Solvy™ by lightly misting the area with water. Any additional excess will disappear and be removed from the fabric during the first washing.
  4.  If the area is too large to be washed, any excess can be removed with a dampened sponge or cloth.
  5.  Please note that embroidery should not be left damp or wet for any longer than a few minutes.


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