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Classic Grid+ 3.3 oz

This heavier version of our popular Classic Grid+ cut away is 33% heavier and stronger than our standard Classic Grid 2.5 oz . It was specifically developed to eliminate the need for using more than one piece even when embroidering small areas with as much as 20,000 stitches. Classic Grid+ is constructed the same way as our 2.5 oz cut away, and is just as soft.

This stabilizer is a unique non-woven, designed specifically for use as a cut away embroidery backing. It is 100% polyester, and is appropriate for use on high-stitch count designs embroidered to unstable fabric. It has a woven core that provides extraordinary strength, and is surrounded by a very soft non-woven fabric that is essential for minimal skin irritation. Classic Grid+ is manufactured in the USA, and is available in a wide variety of popular pre-cut bundles and in slit widths. Classic Grid+ has passed all wash and shrinkage evaluations.

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  1.  Use only one ply sheet, where you may require multiple sheets now.
  2. We do not recommend exposing Classic Grid 3.3 oz to direct heat. Our embroidery stabilizers are 100% polyester, and direct heat will cause them to melt.

*We are unable to obtain more product, and once current inventory is sold, we will remain out of stock until sometime next year