Hab+Dash is the e-commerce wholesale division of Fil-Tec, Inc. Fil-Tec is the manufacturer of sewing, quilting and embroidery threads, including Glide and Magna-Glide.

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What do people think about Hab+Dash?

Angela Walters

As a machine quilter, I love the sheen of Glide and how it adds an extra special touch to my quilts. It's the perfect blend of beauty and strength. Not only do I love the thread, but I love working with Hab+Dash to bring out the best in my quilting. They have been an integral part of our Free Motion Quilting Challenges and helped meet our thread needs each time.

Lands' End

Embroidery operators complained in the past about how the following shift operators would reset tensions and how they constantly had to reset it to their personal liking. Since our change to Magna-Glide, tensions remain at initial settings. We no longer hear tension adjustment complaints from operator to operator.

Darren Mulqueen - Mulqueen Sewing Centers

When we looked into doing a Thread Of The Month Club we selected Fil-tec Glide.  Our choice was Glide due to the quality, sheen, strength among other features.  Our customers are mainly quilters & embroiderers and this thread is loved by both.  We have been using Fil-tec pre-wound bobbins for many years with no issues ever we are now enjoying the same quality in Glide thread.  Thanks for making such a great product.

Judi Madsen

I love Glide 60 wt thread! I have used a lot of threads, but at the moment, Glide 60wt is my go to thread. It is the perfect weight for my heavy custom quilting and it disappears on my edge to edge quilts. I am so pleased with how smoothly this thread works with the Magna-Glide bobbins as well. Tension issues are not an issue anymore!

Laura Coia - Sew Very Easy

My job gives me the joy of being able to create for 40 hours a week. A good portion of that time is sitting at my sewing machine, sewing, and quilting. Beautiful thread is an important part of my day – I love the different colors it comes in, and I also love it when it sews beautifully! I have been using thread from Hab+Dash for some time now. The Premo-soft thread is a beautiful polyester thread that looks and acts exactly like cotton. However, unlike cotton, the Premo-Soft thread doesn’t produce lint, which makes for a huge benefit when it comes to cleaning my machine.  The Glide thread comes in many amazing colors and has a beautiful shine to it. That little bit of shine really adds to the quilting on my quilts and it sews like a dream.The King spools are great for my big projects but the smaller Mini Spools make collecting all the colors sew much fun! Great thread and great customer service makes my day a sewtacular day!


Amazing quality and customer service! Here at RefrigiWear, our number one priority is to deliver a quality product to the customers who rely on our company brand to deliver expected performance.  Our embroidery department trusts the Hab+Dash Glide embroidery thread and Magna-Glide bobbins to achieve beautifully embroidered apparel.The customer service that we receive is exceptional.  Over the last year, we transitioned from a different thread vendor, and Presley; our Fil-Tec Regional Sales Rep; made this process very easy for us.


We brought in one case of bobbins to perform trials. Imagine our surprise when our operators not only were receptive to something new, but adamantly refused to switch back to the other bobbin after seeing the staggering increase in stitches per bobbin we received with Magna-Glide.

Gear For Sports

We were absolutely shocked to realize that depending on the stitch pattern we were sewing, that we got 80,000 to 143,000 stitches per bobbin with Magna-Glide. Currently we throw out our standard paper-sided bobbin at 40,000 stitches.

Ensign Emblem

I have never seen such a uniform stitch throughout the entire bobbin. We have significantly reduced thread breaks. Our business is based on fast order-response and high quality work. Magna-Glide is a must for both.