Spun Polyester No. 90
Made with Love in the U.S.A.
Class 15/A
Clear Glide Spec 15/A Bobbin

0.815 Max OD 0.458 Wide

White / Black - 92 Yards
Packaged in a box of Bulk Box of 100 Bobbins or 12 Pack Package

Designed for your machine.

  • This bobbin thread is recommended by Brother International as the preferred yarn for many of their domestic embroidery machines.
  • Runs clean with minimal lint + is available in the popular class 15/A pre-wound bobbin that is compatible with so many of today's domestic embroidery & sewing machines.
  • This bobbin is wound on a clear flanged plastic bobbin that works in conjunction with thread sensors.
  • Clear spun bobbins help balance needle thread tension while offering a high break strength with low elongation + shrinkage.
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Clear Spun Black 12-Pack

  Class 15/A Clear-Spun

Clear Spun White 12 Pack

  Class 15/A Clear-Spun


  Bulk Clear-Spun


  Bulk Clear-Spun
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