Hab+Dash is the e-commerce wholesale division of Fil-Tec, Inc. Fil-Tec is the manufacturer of sewing, quilting and embroidery threads, including Glide and Magna-Glide.

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Every Core Counts

Sustainable practices today ensure us a better tomorrow. 

Program is only available to US customers within the 48 contiguous states. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii and internationally can still recycle their cores, but will need to pay for return shipping*

Step One:  Fill'er Up

Your empty Magna-Glide Classics bobbin box will double as the return package. This means that you are doubling your recycling: good for you! Be sure to fill your box to the very top with clean and thread free bobbin cores. Please try to keep the L and M cores separate. One L size box will hold approximately 500 cores, while one M size box will hold about 800 cores. This will allow for the most efficient processing of your returned cores, good deeds all around!

Step Two:  Prepare your Package

In every box of Magna-Glide Classics you will find a UPS A.R.S. label. Simply peel the sticker away and affix it to the front of your completely filled bobbin box, sealing the box together and saving on tape. You can even save the strip at the bottom of the label with the tracking information on it so that you ensure your recycled bobbin cores have found their way home. Pay special attention not to fold the barcodes over any corner, please keep them flat. Do not ship group boxes with one label.

Step Three:  Bon Voyage

Hand the package off your friendly local UPS carrier or drop it off at the nearest UPS drop box when you have a moment. Pat yourself on the back, you just did a great thing. Those bobbin cores are on their way to a new life. Thank you for your support in a better tomorrow.

*If you are living outside the 48 contiguous states and would still like to recycle your cores or you would like to recycle your empty Magna-Glide Delights, Magna-Soft, Magna-Quilt or Magna-Guard bobbin cores, you still can. You will need to pay the return freight cost. Please ship the cores following the instructions in Step One above and ship to:

Hab+Dash Core Return Center
12129 Mapleville Road
Cavetown, MD 21720-6000