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Hook Wash - 13800

Hook Wash is a lubricant/solvent spray that is designed to remove residual adhesive from needle & the rotary hook from use of sticky backings or adhesive sprays.
Hook Wash

Hook Wash is a lubricant/solvent spray that is designed to remove residual adhesive from the needle & the rotary hook caused by use of sticky backings or adhesive sprays. Spray on new rotary hooks to remove preserving oil before regular oiling.

  • Hook Wash is a mineral oil-based lubricant/light solvent used for cleaning the rotary parts of embroidery machines.
  • Hook Wash was created to use in the rotary hook area for a quick clean and flush when replacing reciprocators, needle cases, bobbin cases, and tensioner assemblies. It is also safe on plastic, electronics and bushings.
  • Hook Wash should be used weekly as a rotary hook flush and clean. Use as needed when performing equipment tune-ups.
  • Simply put, the goal of using Hook Wash is to enhance the performance of the embroidery process by removing dirt, lint, dust, solvy, spray adhesive, and other debris that can build up and cause machine inefficiencies. Hook Wash will displace water and leave a protective film of light lubricant on the contact parts.

Hook Wash Usage Tips

  • Turn off unit
  • Remove needle plate and rotary hook cover.
  • Using nozzle straw provided, flush away thread lint, dust, and debris from hook area into an absorbent cloth to catch the results of the flushing. For stubborn debris, spray lightly and let stand a few seconds, and then flush again with Hook Wash.
  • Once all debris is flushed away, use canned air or an air compressor to “blow out” all remaining lint.
  • Oil the hook before running your machine as you normally would.
  • Hook Wash is a lubricant but is not intended to replace your normal oiling schedule. When you use Hook Wash, you should still oil the hook. Hooks need to be oiled on a regular basis.
  • It is always a good idea to run a sample design to remove any excess lubricant from the sewing area in order to prevent garment staining.
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