Glow-in-the-Dark No. 40
Mini Spool640m / 700yd

Let Them See You Glow.


Just few minutes of being exposed to light & the beautiful pastel colors glow powerfully in the dark for up to eight hours.


Luminary’s consistent elongation & high tensile strength offer optimal performance.


The glowing effect is diminished after each wash, ironing & dry-cleaning session. Luminary has successfully passed 50 wash tests while still retaining some of its glowing power.

General Tips/ Instructions

1. Recommended Needle - A long, thin needle with a small needle eye should achieve top results. #14 for Long-Arm or 70/10 for Domestic Machines.
2. Loose bobbin tension is recommended even when using Magna-Glide, The Bobbin Line, or Allure Silk.
3. Luminary is constructed from filament polyester, and has a rather low-melt point of about 400 degrees F. It should not be exposed to the direct heat of an iron
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Color No. 60194 700yd Mini Spool Lumnary


Color No. 60195 700yd Mini Spool Lumnary

60196 Green

Color No. 60196 700yd Mini Spool Lumnary

60197 Yellow

Color No. 60197 700yd Mini Spool Lumnary

60198 Pink

Color No. 60198 700yd Mini Spool Lumnary
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